Special constant temperature dehumidifier


Constant temperature dehumidification

No humidity, no dryness, dehumidification capacity up to 120 liters per day

Precise constant temperature

The fluctuation of temperature and humidity is small, and the accuracy is ± 1 ℃

External filtration

More convenient cleaning and maintenance

Dual system design

Ensure more reliable and stable unit operation

Special constant temperature dehumidifier参数

Product model GFZHS-40L25D GZHS-60L51D GFZHS-120L72D
Dehumidification amount(L/D) 40 60 120
Refrigerating capacity(W) 2500 5100 7200
Heat production + Electrothermal(W) 2600+500 3500+700 4500+1200
Air volume(m3/h) 450 750 1000
noise(dB(A) 42 48 52
maximum power(W) 3800 5800 8000
Power Supply 220V/50Hz
Waterproof grade IPX4
Filter unit PP/G4
Drainage mode Gravity drainage
tuyere Air supply 160 200
Return air 160 200
Outdoor exhaust 160 200
Indoor air return 160 200
weight Internal machine 49 69 79
External machine 39 57 69
Applicable area (M2) floor height ≥ 2.8m ≤ 10 ≤ 20 ≤ 30
Product size Internal machine 950*700*265 1265*700*265 1265*700*265
Length * width * height (mm) External machine 1090*900*350 1290*900*350 1490*900*350

1. Test conditions: all the above parameters are obtained under the conditions of indoor dry bulb 27 ℃, wet bulb 19 ℃, outdoor dry bulb 35 ℃, wet bulb 24 ℃;

2. The adaptive area is based on the use area of 2.5 meters;

3. The company reserves the right to change the parameters and appearance. The products are updated continuously. Please refer to the actual products and product nameplates. Any change is subject to no notice;

4. Executive Standards of the equipment: GB / T7725-2004, GB / t19411-2003, gb4706.1-2008, gb4706.32-2012;

5. GF stands for connecting pipe with fan (national standard), Z stands for special purpose, H stands for constant temperature, s stands for dehumidification, l stands for dehumidification, l stands for refrigeration, and D stands for hoisting.


1. Please contact the manufacturer or professional personnel to replace and clean the filter screen according to the unit cleaning tips;
2. In case of any unit failure, please contact the manufacturer or the sales and installation unit, and do not repair by yourself;
3. In case of water leakage, please disconnect the power supply of the machine and contact the manufacturer or the sales and installation sheet for maintenance;
4. Parameters, dimensions and other changes caused by product upgrading of the company shall be subject to the actual product and product nameplate, and will not be notified in case of any change.

Matters needing attention

1. Please arrange special power line for the machine to supply power;
2. When the machine is stopped for a long time, please unplug the power supply;
3. Please construct in strict accordance with the requirements of construction standards to ensure smooth drainage;
4. It is forbidden to wash the machine directly with water or wipe the machine with wet cloth when it is electrified;
5. It is forbidden to install the machine in the space of heat source, inflammable and explosive, acid and alkali, salt, paint and glue.


1. Failing to provide invoices, receipts or shopping vouchers;
2. Machine damage caused by natural disasters or human factors;
3. Damage caused by exceeding the scope of use or installing or dismantling the machine without permission;
4. Machine damage caused by abnormal supply voltage or wrong wiring;
5. All rights of interpretation belong to Ningbo tengkong New Energy Technology Co., Ltd;
6. The machine is damaged due to improper installation or use in accordance with the instructions.

service commitment

Product Three Guarantees: the whole machine is guaranteed for three years, and the lifetime maintenance warranty period is calculated from the date of invoice After sales service: 24-hour response in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, 48 hours arrival in other areas (except Xinjiang, Tibet, Qinghai, Inner Mongolia) 24 hours response and telephone guidance, 72 hours in place Price system: all parts and components, value-added services, unified national price